• Well-Sprung Sofas Spark Change

    January 13, 2015

    Are you sitting comfortably? Simon Spinks thinks not, which is why he has invented a new range of seating. His wife refers to him as a “spring geek” and Simon Spinks is happy to admit that the description suits him perfectly. His obsession with coils, bounce and comfort has helped his Leeds-based mattress and bed […]

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  • Drawing Our Own Wire Results in Even Better Springs

    Our new machines in Millennium Way means we are now drawing our own wire. We buy in steel rod which is then cleaned and elongated by the drawing lines allowing us to produce different diameters of wire for our springs. Our own equipment will also allow us to produce thinner wire that is not commercially available […]

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  • Harrison Spinks Launches Spink & Edgar Upholstery

    November 3, 2014

    Award-winning Harrison Spinks, one of the UK’s most established and innovative bed makers, has launched Spink & Edgar Upholstery, which will use Harrison Spinks’ leading spring technology in its new sofa range. Spink & Edgar Upholstery has removed 60% of the foam and other manmade materials used within the seat cushions and throughout the frame and replaced […]

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  • Spinks Springs Supplies The Footwear Industry With Unique Micro Pocket Springs

    October 7, 2014

    Award winning Yorkshire pocket spring manufacturer, SPINKS SPRINGS has been working over the last 18 months with new footwear company SPRINGURU, to create an exciting new casual shoe concept. The shoes feature innovative micro spring technology, which is only 10mm high and is embedded into the sole of the shoes. These conical springs are precision […]

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