Micro Duo

We’re constantly inventing and reinventing. We invented the first micro coil. Now we’ve made the world’s smallest. We invented the first coil-within-a-coil. Now we’ve launched the first micro coil-within-a-coil spring system – Micro Duo™.

Our cutting-edge microcoils are flexible in both design and application, giving you unrivalled support and endless possibilities. Combined with our innovative Springs Anywhere™ technology, Micro Duo™ comes in varying pocket spring configurations – firm edge, 3, 5, or 7 zones.

Unrivalled Benefits


Infinitely Customisable

Customisable zoned areas give targeted support, with our Springs Anywhere™ technology.


Ingeniously flexible

3D pocket springs expand applications, such as wrapping springs around the arms of a chair.


Supremely comfortable

High spring counts and cutting-edge components provide next-level cushioning.



Increased air flow for better temperature control - eliminate overheating.

Sectors & Applications

The possibilities are endless: experience our unique comfort technology in sofas, office seating, footwear, mattresses…

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