Vertical Integration & Sustainability


We’re revolutionary, from start to finish. To innovate every aspect of pocket spring production, we oversee every aspect in-house. We draw our own wire – the finest commercially available. We rear our own sheep – over 600 and counting. And if our spring machines can’t make our ideas a reality, we’ll invent one that can.

By controlling every variable, from concept to launch, we avoid the need to choose between being innovative and being efficient – we are both. So we can help you to out-think, and out-pace, your competition.


We take an innovative approach to sustainability:

  • Closed loop production: We’ve partnered with British Steel to launch a new wiring facility, so we can recycle all steel waste.
  • Inspiring expertise: We help our partners to achieve next-level sustainability.
  • Revolutionary advances: We pioneer greener technology, such as Cortec™, which removes the need for foam. It’s completely glueless and 100% recyclable, for a better, more sustainable future.

Our Products

Ingeniously Engineered, Rigorously Conceived, Truly Inspirational, Comfort Technology.

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