Our MicroPlus is a low height, ultrasonically welded Pocket Spring that provides a high degree of flexibility and body support.

This product includes multiple tensions, it has our patented glueless technology and comes in low heights with comfort and support. It is flexible, durable and breathable. It is ideally suited for foldable hybrid mattresses, mattress toppers, cot mattresses and premium upholstery.

Also available in a range of dimensions:


22mm – 50mm

166 -1160m2

0.7mm – 1.9mm


Unrivalled Benefits


Multiple Tensions

This spring comes in multiple tensions suitable for all needs.


Ingeniously flexible

3D pocket springs expand applications, such as wrapping springs around the arms of a chair.


Supremely comfortable

High spring counts and cutting-edge components provide next-level cushioning.



Increased air flow for better temperature control - eliminate overheating.

Sectors & Applications

The possibilities are endless: experience our unique comfort technology in sofas, office seating, footwear, mattresses…

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