Our Products

Discover our ingenious collections of innovation. Each of our ground-breaking creations come in various heights, wire gauges and textile options and all guarantee revolutionary comfort and a greener future.
Pioneering the microcoil, Micro Duo™, Springs Anywhere™ and more, we deliver truly inspirational comfort technology. The possibilities are endless.

Unique 3D Microcoils

Our ground-breaking microcoil comfort layer for customisable, contoured support.

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A new dawn for comfort technology

100% comfortable. 100% recyclable.

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Endless Possibilities

Firm, soft or no springs – any combination, any way you like.

The World's Finest Wire

The finest arrow-straight wire for the ultimate in bedding and seating wire.

Our Machinery

If our spring machines can’t make our ideas a reality, we’ll invent one that can.

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